Divemaster Course Roatan

Through Island Diving Center Scuba School's professional and friendly training you will: 

Hone and perfect your diving skills and be able to demonstrate skills to students at an instructor level.
Learn to prevent and manage accidents and role model rescue skills for student divers in training.
Develop a professional level knowledge of dive theory, physics & physiology
Be confident as a certified assistant and be able to support instructors when teaching students.
Be a role model and be expected to display honesty, courtesy and follow responsible diving practices.
Have enthusiasm and fun for your chosen profession

About Divemasters on Roatan

Divemasters at Island Diving Center and Scuba School are held to a higher standard than at other diving shops. Our motto is "Professional and Friendly Diving" and we are entrusted with the safety of our guests. If you are looking for a party atmosphere then we are not the School for you. Our training on the island is as good, if not better, than anywhere else in the world. Due to the volume of divers visiting the island and the number of dive centers, the role of a typical Divemaster here can be extremely varied on a day to day basis.

For example, one day you may find yourself leading a group of certified divers on dive trips. This will involve monitoring your divers on a continuous basis, both on the surface and underwater. You may be expected to manage issues such as buoyancy control, equipment malfunctions, nervous divers, newly qualified divers etc. The following day you may be asked to play the role of the victim on a PADI Rescue Diver course. Of course you will be expected to assist with setting up and transporting equipment, ensuring students and certified divers fill in paperwork correctly, fill tanks and rinse gear.

Being around customers all day means that you have to act in a professional and friendly manner at all times, even if you don't feel all that friendly some days. Island Diving Center has spent years building our reputation for excellence and it only takes one unhappy customer to seriously damage that reputation. You will find yourself having a better time when you show enthusiasm for diving and ensure that your customers leave the island with great memories, great experiences and new friends. 


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