Aug 3, 2018

Loved this place!

July 2018

This is definitely an A+ diving center. I had so much fun in my diving experience. Be sure to ask for Bill Perkins. Bill was so friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. He took plenty of time and pointed out so many beautiful fish and other creatures. It was truly a fascinating experience and I will definitely go back here when I return to Roatan.

– tjsawyer2000, Rogers, Arkansas  

Everybody friendly

July 2018

Had a weeks diving with bill every thing about the experience was great , small groups and sometimes one on one. Bill’s guidance was perfect (helpful and informative) lots of difference sites, only revisited the same site once that we couldn’t cover in just one dive.

– gmw00ds,  Pilot Point, Texas 

Book it now!!!

– June 2018

I came to Roatan on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. They told me I could sign up for a scuba diving excursion on the ship but that wasn't true, they were actually sold out. I found the Island Diving Center (5-star PADI resort) online.

Glenn A lorikala1 – Parker, Colorado 2 Reviewed 23

Amazing! Accommodated all our needs! Just the best!

June 2018

They took care of all of us and made sure we all got to do what we needed and wanted to do. Bill was absolutely amazing about working with our schedule, making sure everyone was safe, had fun and saw amazing sea life and coral. We ended up doing 9 dives each with Bill and others at the shop. Very customer oriented! We had some complicated desires and they were absolutely spectacular!!!

– Parker, Colorado

Great diving in roatan

June 2018

We just dove with Island diving center. It was great! Bill took us on two fun dives. The second was in coral caves. It was a favorite dive of the trip.

Ryan L 


“Our go to dive shop!”

February 1, 2017

I have a large family of 12 scuba divers and the last two times we came to Roatan we dove with Island Diving Center. We've used their services for adventure dives, certifications, snorkeling, etc. and we have never been disappointed. All their staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun people and it always makes us sad to say goodbye to them at the end of our vacation. So these are definitely the people you want to dive with! – 

“Loved scuba diving!!!!”

January 21, 2017

4 of us took the Discover Scuba class/dive. We were on the Norwegian Pearl cruise, but I made these arrangements directly with Island Diving based on other reviews from Trip Advisor. Travis was so great. He always responded to emails even tho it was the holidays. Our instructor was Stuart. Very funny and very professional. It was kind of scary at first with lots of information but Stu was very patient and we knew we were in good hands. I had a hard time with the pressure in my ears in the deeper water, but when I was ready to quit, he never gave up on me helping me work it out and I'm so glad I did. The dive was AWESOME!!!! You have classroom first, then practice in shallow water and then out in the boat to dive around the reef. You can also arrange transportation to and from your cruise ship with them. Very convenient!! If you've ever thought about learning how to dive, this is the place to go. ! Thank you Stuart for sticking with me!!!! I'm hooked. Jane Carter

“Fantastic place to get PADI qualification”

January 7, 2017

Chère Catherine and Dear Stu, My wife and I had the tremendous chance to meet you and your team for an OW training. We really appreciated your dedication and rigor, not to mention the beauty of the dives. The personel was always friendly and patient and the experience will remain in our memories forever! Take care. Danielle and Jean (newly certified PADI divers hoping to return). Visited January 2017

“Outstanding and Beautiful”

December 17, 2016

My wife and I did 6 dives over two days with Island Diving that took place mostly around West End and West Bay from December 11 and 12, 2016. Eva, our dive master, briefed us on the dive, our signals, and the plan before we headed out. The crew carried our equipment to the boat, assembled it, and helped prep us for each successive dive. We were in the water within 15 minutes of checking in. Eva took us on an unbelievable journey that matched our skill level and interests. We saw so many beautiful and exotic fish as well as gorgeous underwater plants. She kept a close eye on us while, somehow, able to find the most minute sea creatures in their hiding places. She did everything perfect and that is a sign of a great dive shop that is well run and managed. We are confident, having met the owner, Travis, and another dive master, that this is norm: incredible dive tours catered to individual skill levels and interests that are led by enthusiastic and highly professional divers. The reason I like Island Dive Center over its competitors is that they went out of there way to cater our tour with a very reasonable price. Whereas other places combine 10-30 divers at various skill levels (from 1st timers to professionals) that basically have everyone swim around a big coral reef in a circle, IDC caters to the individual diver. They are polite, fun to be around, professional, and extremely talented. They care about their customers more than they do the contracts they have with the cruise ships. They also offer the best experience at a reasonable cost with highly skilled dive masters. I highly recommend IDC and their staff. We will return to Roatan again and again - each time, we will only dive with Island Dive Center.

Visited December 2016

“Small Group Focus, Top Customer Service, Professionalism and Support After you Leave”

November 19, 2016

Did I make that title long enough? Or this review?? It's hard to highlight just one thing when talking about these guys, but Island Diving is a top quality PADI dive shop. I visited Roatan in September for a week, where I earned my Open Water and Advanced Open Water certifications (9 dives total). I visited them again for another week, where I completed 15 more fun dives. My comments discuss both visits, along with the support I received when I was back home. I found Island Diving originally due to their top ratings on Trip Advisor and the professional and personable content on their website. It was obvious that they had a focus on the individual. They stressed the quality of the education received over the quantity of tanks sent out on a given day. Conversations with Travis confirmed these observations; he was a strong communicator and incredibly personable. This aligns with my personal philosophies and I was happy to bring them my business. Bill was the Open Water instructor for myself and two of my other friends. He also assisted me with my Advanced Open Water certification and lead me on several of my fun dives. During OW cert, I experienced a bit of nerves in the confined water exercises. He was patient with me through my apprehension while also ensuring that I learned the necessary skills before heading to open water. I was comfortable and confident by the time we went on our first dive, just later that day. The rest of the training was thorough, patient, and fun. Bill made sure that skills were repeated until they were done correctly. I cannot stress this enough; many dive shops are not this thorough in their certifications, which is incredibly nerve-wracking considering that we are responsible for our own safety as divers. As for the dives themselves, I'm actually convinced that Bill is a walking (or swimming) encyclopedia of the marine life in Roatan. He was able to spot groupers, lionfish, angel fish, nurse sharks, barracudas, sea turtles, eagle rays, moray eels, giant crabs, lobsters, and even wild dolphins on our dives. He knew the differences and ages of all types of coral, and even gave attention to the smallest creatures down there that I would have never learned about otherwise. This man loves what he does and you can see it on his face every time you work with him. I worked with Stuart some on my Advanced Open Water certification. His approach balances nicely with Bill's, as Stuart pushed me to own my independence and responsibility as a diver. He called me out when I missed certain details that will help me be a better diver, and he pushed me to optimize my buoyancy skills underwater. He also helped me understand my gas narcosis experience and how to master any fears when I inevitably experience it again. My boyfriend received his AOW certification from Stu and said that he filled the gaps on many pieces of knowledge that he should have gained in his OW training. Stuart did this without complaint, as his priority is to ensure that his divers were well trained and took responsibility for their safety in the water. I'm sure his previous career as a firefighter comes into play here. Stuart has also been beyond helpful with a diving safety issue I had with a shop in Florida. He has helped make sense of a confusing and difficult situation, while also supporting me in testaments on my ability as a diver. Travis has helped in this too; I cannot thank them both enough for their continued support, even after their job is done! I had the pleasure of meeting Vivi, Randy, Esteban, and Laura. All floored me with their kindness, professionalism, and love for their jobs. Everyone is their own unique person yet they all share so much in common with how they embody the ideals of this business. Last, and most certainly not least, are my boys Hector and Oniel! Hector is the boat captain. He helped us with our gear, helped me improve my Spanish, pointed us to good food, brought us to awesome bars, and told us more about life on the island. Oniel works at the shop while finishing up high school. He understands how to work hard and already exudes professionalism. He has a heart of gold and loves being around the scuba environment. Overall, I consider all from the shop as lifelong friends. I could not recommend them enough and hope that you can share the same experiences that I have had with them! 

Excellent Dive Shop! – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed March 1, 2016.

I just spent a week diving with Island Diving Center, and I could not be happier. All dive masters, the boat captain were excellent, and every dive was very well planned. A huge "thank you" goes to Stuart Morgan who always makes my diving trips to Roatan extra special!

“Awesome dive shop for open water certification!” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed February 28, 2016.

I was so nervous about completing my open water certification, but Travis, Stu, Paul, Estaban and the team made it so easy. Stuart was a great instructor and made me feel at ease when testing all my skills which had only previously been tested in a pool. After being certified, I continued to dive with them for the entire week and had the most wonderful time. Can't wait to come back!

“Great attention to detail and safety!” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed January 26, 2016.

Kudos to the Island Diving Center for their excellent service while I did my diving course. The attention to my safety and security was great. I enjoyed the course thoroughly. Many many thanks to Paul, Greg, Hector and Stu, and special thanks to Vivi for all her patience and teachings.
I totally recommend them!

“Perfect week of diving...”– 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed January 20, 2016.

Many thanks to the boys of Island Diving [Travis,Stu,Paul,Hector,Oscar] for a fantastic week of diving at West End. Every aspect of this dive shop is run as all shops should be run-this is the perfect template-do not break. Your equipment is delivered to the boat and set up for you if you wish or left for you to set up-what ever you prefer. Boat leaves on time, every time, with the location decided before hand. Have a favourite site-no problem-it will be worked into the schedule. Boat is top notch and will leave if only one or two divers show up. See you soon again guys!!

Happy Repeat Customers! – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed September 22, 2015.

A truly great dive center! Great people, great equipment, great boat, great location. If you are looking for a customer oriented dive vacation this is the place.
We made 16 dives this trip including a deep wreck and a night dive.The deep dive transitioned to the top of a reef at 15 feet for about 15 minutes. A big grouper swam up to my wife and looked like he wanted to kiss her. Roatan reef has a lot of varied sites and the dive masters do a great job of matching your desires to the location. All sites were varied and beautiful with easy dives to skill builders. The entire staff goes out of their way to give your dives a personal touch. You will leave satisfied and with new friends.

“Not enough words”– 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed August 11, 2015
I was just a person who said they wanted to scuba dive before I got to Roatan. We were lucky enough to have an awesome location to stay in, and it was right above the dive shop. We were here for a month.
From our front balcony, we could hear and see everything the dive shop did everyday. I had to walk past it every time we went to the beach. I would always poke my head in and sigh.
I finally got up the nerve to go in and ask some questions. Boy, that was the best decision I could have made.
From answering my questions (which I'm sure they have heard a thousand times), to setting me up with new mask, snorkel and fins, to getting me to agree to taking the basic scuba course, everything was awesome.
Frank was my instructor and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He took his time, showed me the correct way to do things, and made sure that I was learning what I needed to learn. He was not shy in correcting me when I made mistakes, but seemed genuinely happy when I mastered a skill.
I was hooked after seeing what the ocean has hidden from me all this time. Signed up to do the open water training that day. Frank was still my instructor and he made the experience extremely pleasant. While on my training dives, we saw an octopus (my favorite!!), turtles, so many fish I can't describe them, and a big ole momma and baby barracuda. Frank moved slowly and made sure I was okay during all the steps.
Once I was open water certified than it was time to do some fun diving.
Greg was my dive master and he was awesome. While he has a very laid back personality and has many great stories and fantastic enthusiasm, you can tell he takes his job seriously. I felt very safe while with him and never worried about anything. I witnessed him picking trash up off the ocean floor and the dive sights he took me to were wonderful beyond description. He was very professional and safe and I enjoyed my dives with him immensely.
One of the things was that there are plenty of dive shops around to pick from. What makes Island one of the best, in my opinion, was when I was watching divers exit a boat lugging all their equipment with them and having to walk down the main road to the shop. At Island Divers they take care of all your equipment for you. No lugging heavy tanks and no awkward walks back to the shop. Get on the boat, do your diving, get off the boat. I love that kind of service!
Kevin is the boat captain. He takes care of your equipment, helps you with anything you need and has great knowledge about the island.
Overall, I could not be happier about this experience. There was never a moment when I felt like I couldn't do it or that I was a bother to them. They went above and beyond to make a landlubber into a scuba diver!
Thanks to all at Island Diving Center. Continued success and when ( not if) we are back on Roatan, I will be seeing you guys!

“Staff makes you feel like family” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed July 17, 2015
My husband and I did our DSD as well as a snorkel with John. He was so patient with us both. He had no problem going over things multiple times to ensure we knew exactly what to do and what was going on. The dive we went on was the most amazing experience. It was so beautiful and John was excellent about checking on us and making sure we got to see all the beautiful sea life. Every time the owner saw us he wanted to make sure we were happy with all our experiences. I would recommend them to any and everyone. They make the time to fully accommodate each and every person that walks up to their door. We cannot wait to go back and take our children next time. Thank you all for such a wonderful and amazing time.


“Wonderful dive operator” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed January 30, 2015.
My family and I have been diving all over the world, and this is one of the best diver operators I have ever encountered. The owner is extremely helpful and friendly. You never feel pressured, and you always feel well taken care of. Their boat goes out three times a day and you can be on all, or just a few dives each day. The prices are also fantastic. Bottom line: if I ever go back to Roatan, I would certainly use Enomis again.

“Outstanding experience!!” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed February 20, 2015    
I recently did a Discovery Scuba Dive with Enomis Divers in West End, Roatan (February 2015) while on vacation and had the most unbelievable experience! I never thought that I could ever overcome my fear of breathing under water, but it was on my bucket list! From the first minute, they took such good care of me and were extremely patient. With 40 years of diving experience, my Dive Instructor, John, ensured that I was comfortable performing the necessary skills in confined water before we went out to Turtle Crossing in open water. I was able to get to 30 feet under his watchful eye! I enjoyed it so much that now I am pursuing my full dive certification. The Dive Shop is professionally staffed, and has up to date equipment, including a new dive boat. It also has a wonderful covered outdoor seating area for briefings, and general social chit chat with other visiting divers. Whether you would like to try Discovery Scuba, or have been diving for years, please visit Enomis Diving Center. You are in good hands. 

“Great dive shop in West End” – 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed August 19, 2014
My wife and I only had a short stay on Roatan due to being on a cruise but Lee and his staff were able to accommodate our time restrictions with time to spare, including arranging transportation to/from the port. We were able to make 2 dives within close proximity to the dive shop. Visibility was excellent and the current very mild. My son was able to snorkel above us as the reef was only in 30-40' of water at both locations. Lee, his wife and staff were all very friendly and had vast amount of experience/knowledge. We brought some of our own equipment but they provided all the equipment necessary for no additional fee I think, which is a big bonus compared to other shops I have used that charge extra for nearly everything. They only take small groups out, much better than other dives I had gone on that had 10+ divers on a boat. We preferred the smaller dive boat used as we were able to take off our weight belts and BCD/tank before climbing up the ladder, and the sea was very calm. They have many place to dive within a short boat ride from their shop, which again I prefer as I have gotten seasick on other dives with long boat rides. I'm still a fledgling diver so we didn't venture down the walls but deep dives were right there too. There is also a nice beach to relax at across from the shop. Thanks again to Lee and his staff for a memorable time in Roatan!

– Talahassee FL 

“A true gem in Roatan” – 5 of 5 stars

I recently had the pleasure of completing my dive certification with Lee and I have to say the experience was perfect. The local dive shop at home actively discouraged me from training on the island saying that it would be an unprofessional, minimalist experience that left me a dangerous diver. They could not have been more wrong. Lee, his wife and his staff were awesome. It was clear from the onset that Lee wanted my fiancé and I too be safe and knowledgeable divers. He took his time, explained everything and was very patient. If I had questions he stopped and made sure I understood before we went forward. In addition to great training, Lee recognized that we were on vacation and worked hard to make sure that required dives were fun and entertaining. He was also very flexible to accommodate our schedules. I would strongly recommend Lee and his team for anyone who is looking for a personalized experience with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable dive masters in Roatan. Skip the bigger guys and go have a fantastic time with Lee.

Scott W Katy

Great Times!– 5 of 5 stars

A friend and I desperately needed a refresher before a scheduled dive. Lee was fantastic and went through everything, making sure we had the chance to ask questions and were feeling comfortable. Then took us on a great dive in search of sea turtles!

– Danielle R

“Brilliant!”– 5 of 5 stars

Friendly dive masters and very helpful with any and all questions. First time diving with Enomis was great. Very experienced, friendly and they had a huge selection of gear. I have dove at other places in Roatan and Enomis was very convenient and it didn't hurt that we were staying next door at Mame Trees. Try them out. You won't be disappointing.

– Troy D Bellevue, Nebraska

Me and my boyfriend recently took the scuba diver course with Lee and his crew. I cannot express how grateful we are to have found Enomis Divers. I had never even snorkeled before so I wasn't too sure what we were in for. It was amazing! Lee was incredibly patient with me and made me feel as comfortable as I could during our dives. He made sure we understood the material and that we were comfortable. I had an incredible time diving with them and look forward to hopefully coming back again to check out some ship wrecks! This was the favorite part of the trip for my boyfriend, Enomis Divers is the place you want to go to if you want a very skilled instructor and crew with awesome scuba diving!
– Erika V Davis

“This is the only crew you need for diving or snorkeling”– 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed June 6, 2014
I cannot say how much we enjoyed meeting the gang at Enomis. My family spent the week in Roatan and part of our group spent 3 days at Enomis getting their dive certification. Lee was a marvelous instructor. It was a great experience for them. Some of our group only wanted to snorkel and that was ok too. We were all able to go out together and each do our own thing. I had a bum ankle and chose to stay in the boat while the othes did their thing. That was ok too and it was great to talk with Captain Will, who is the nicest guy you'd ever meet. My family is from TN, so we were also happy to meet Anita, Lee's wife, who lived in TN long ago. These guys are so amazing and we would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Go see them and you will not be disappointed!
– L Chammer
Morristown, Tennessee

“Simply the best”– 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed April 5, 2014
This review is way overdue... as it has been at least a year since my Instructor Lee taught me how to scuba dive. I can say without a doubt that Lee has changed my life for the better. I was on the Island to work and happened to stumble upon this dive shop on a lark. He knew that I was deathly afraid of the open water, but he gently taught me to overcome my fear. He was an awesome instructor who understood my tempo and pace for learning. Eventually, I came to love diving and I give Lee and his diving instructors all the credit for doing an amazing job. I recommend Enomis to anyone who wants specialized care and instructions. Lee and his wife are good people who cares about your well being. Without a doubt, the best dive shop in all of Roatan.

– Esther L
San Francisco, CA

“Amazing and Excellent Experience! Felt like we were VIPs! Super Convenient!”– 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed November 25, 2013
We dove with Enomis Divers for 5 days and were very satisfied with the experience. We arranged things over the phone with Lee, the shop owner. All was just as he said. Pino, our dive master, was excellent in picking places for us to go and finding creatures to show us. He thoroughly reviewed the dive site before the dive and prepared us for the experience and for what we might see. After the dive he was happy to help us identify fish and creatures with one of the shop's id books. Speaking of the shop, it is just steps away from the ocean. They have an outdoor shower, racks to dry your gear, an area to put on your gear, storage to store your gear.

As it was slow season, there was just the two of us diving most of the time. They were happy to leave for a dive when we wanted to and were super flexible with the schedule. In addition, they spoil you. They set up all your gear, wash it, let it dry in the sun, put it away for safe keeping. We brought our own gear but they have plenty of nice gear for you to use. Pino has been on the island for 7 years and really knows the sites as does Lee.

We felt like members of their families before we left. Lee and his wife Anita will take excellent care of you as will Pino and Capt. Will. We look forward to returning to Roatan and diving with Enomis Divers.

The diving experience made our vacation so memorable!

– Karen
San Diego, CA