Aug 1, 2018

The El Aguila Dive Site on Roatan

The El Aguila is one of the best diving sites on Roatan and always a great experience. El Aguila, Spanish for ‘The Eagle’, is 230 ft long and rests at a max depth of 110'. It’s final voyage, according to Samir Galindo was a trip from Puerto Cortes to Haiti, carrying a large cargo of concrete. It wrecked near Utila possibly from sabotage and was there for several years, partially submerged. It was eventually salvaged and towed its current resting place on the North side of the island just a few minutes from West End. Dive shops had been looking for a ship to convert into a wreck dive, and El Aguila proved a perfect choice. It took a little over a month for the purchase of El Aguila, the clean up (including removal of the original concrete cargo) the towing and finally, the sinking. When El Aguila sunk in 1997, it was upright in 110 feet of water. In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch arrived and gave the north shore a real beating and broke the El Aguila into the current three pieces. Mitch really provided a service to the wreck divers of Roatan as the new layout makes for a wonderful and interesting dive experience. El Aguila sits a short 5 minute boat ride from Enomis Diving Center.

Experience Level: Advanced Open Water Certification

Common Sightings at El Aguila Dive Site Roatan:

  • Beautiful wreck formations and pass throughs
  • The resident large green moray eel (harmless but curious)
  • Many large (and we mean large groupers)
  • A large group of garden eels
  • The occasional Eagle Ray in addition to much much more!

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