Pablo's Place Roatan Dive Site

Pablo's Place is located just around the western tip of the island close to the Flowers Bay community. The current runs east to west and can be light to moderate on some days. Large coral columns, barrel sponges and a nice variety of sea life await you. It has a different look and feel than the west side of the island reef and creates a nice variety when planning numerous dives during your stay. Very common to see dog snapper, great barracuda, trumpet fish and trigger fish. Keep an eye out for the occasional green moray hunting for food. This is also a good site for hunting lionfish if you or your divemaster are certified. Lionfish are an invasive species which the Roatan Marine Park encourages people to help control the population. They are also very tasty which makes it a fun adventure as well. Keep an eye out for current changes/strength as you make your way to the tip of the island.

Experience level: Open Water Certified recommended

Common Sightings:

  • Grouper
  • Great Barracuda
  • Green Moray Eels
  • Ocean Trigger Fish
  • Lionfish


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